Since pharmacy plays a vital role in providing better care to patients, pharmacy information systems would help in ways to improve effeciency and reduce errors and losses due to poor decision making.

Inventory based system efficiently manage pharmacy inventory and minimize expiry and out-of-stock items

Inventory - Sales, Purchase and Returns
  • Keeping track of supplier & manufacturer information for enquiry and re-orders.

  • Information about stock-in-Hand, batch wise and complete details of Medicines.

  • Automatic Reorder Level/Minimum Stock Setting for avoiding out-of-stock scenarios.

  • Handling Settlements and credit notes from suppliers enable Patientine Pharmacy Information Systems to effeciency manage your pharmacy.

"Account Receivables Management is crucial in the arena of healthcare to ensure the smooth & successful functioning and that owed amount is refunded back in the shortest time possible. It is a lot more than just a Pharmacy Management System, as it also takes care of Supply Chain Management."

Handling Short Expiry Goods
  • Future decisions can easily be taken on basis of this, by maintaining the medicine stock as this way you know when the stock needs to be updated.

  • Notifying items nearing expiry would help pharmacist to push for return, preventing from loss for the hospital.

Indent, Issue and Templating
  • Request for medicines from Ward, ICU and Surgery Room would be raised as indent to pharmacy.

  • Pharmacy will issue medicines to the indent raised and stock level will be adjusted.

  • List of items to be raised as indent can be saved as template with quantity etc., where it would serve as predefined set of items to be provided for ICU or OT.

  • Patientine Pharmacy Information Systems even allows the user to define items based on surgery.

  • Computerized Physician Order Entry enables care provider to quickly suggest medicines with and search for alternatives which will then be sent to hospital pharmacy for delivery.

  • E-Prescription can also be used by customer to send order to hospital pharmacy, where effeciency of pharmacy and flexiblity in ordering for patient can be achieved.