With the advent of new diseases and emergence of evidence based medicine, the importance of accurate diagnostic results in patient care is critical resulting in increased pressure on labs to perform efficiently.

It is a well-known fact that automating human tasks with technology improves performance significantly especially in the area of healthcare and is responsible for fast gaining popularity of Lab Information Systems (LIS).

Reduced Waiting
  • Avoid long queue of patient as we stick with TAT model to asses performance of laboratory. Predifined TATs provide better accountability and effeciency in work providing accurate results within speculated time.

  • Allows doctor to view past test reports for understanding of patient ailment.

  • Reduce waiting time for reports with smart notifications that will help patient to gather their reports once result is derived.

  • Tracking scheduled calibration would help with monitoring lab equipments for the accuracy of results and thereby helping management to keep track of maintenance and to avoid equipment replacement.

"Patientine LIS's ability to track reports to know when work was finished, who performed the work, when the data was reviewed and when the report was sent would help to track lab technician's work easier."

PACS & Dicom Integration
  • Patientine Lab provides option to integrate Radiology DICOM images.

  • DICOM files can be uploaded and viewed with integrated PACS viewer which provides over view of reports enabling single system integration and report viewing from doctor's desk.