Patient Engagement

Increased level of patient engagement helps in achieving better care and resuls in reliablity providing trustworthy and good will to the hospital.


Schedule an E-appointment and post your queries, get alerts when specialist is available to you. Specialist would enable video chat option to clarify your quries.

Security First Approach

A robust security of standards maintained to increase Patient Trust and Information Integrity through Privacy and Security. We build pretty complex tools to fulfill all complainces.

Cloud Ready

Cloud Ready bridges the gap between the enterprise and the cloud with innovative readiness assessment plus cost and performance monitoring services that allow organizations take full advantage of the ever-changing ecosystem of cloud-based solutions.

E-Clinic and Patient Engagement

Connect to a Specialist, Surgeon or Practitioner anytime from anywhere.

Smart Mobile App

Convert client to customer with Smart Notifications, Follow-Up Alerts, Medication Remainders and Reviews.

Value based integration

We offer best solution for physicians, the ability of an individual provider or a small practice to comply with choices in new revenue cycle management programs.We have integrated standards like FHIR, HL7, ICD, CPT, SNOMED, LOINC into Patientine.

AI Powered

We build the product with Artificial Intelligence. AI-enhanced decision support can analyse a note's content and provide real-time evidence-based recommendations to physicians.

Patientine's Solutions fit practices of any size Single practitioner, Poly-Clinics to Multi Speciality Hospital.

Our Solutions

We provide integrated and independently accessible clinical solutions that would fit for any size and any need.


A fully integrated solution to manage hospitals of 20-100 beds.

  • Appointment Management
  • Admission, Discharge and Transfer
  • In-patient Charting and Bed Management
  • E-Clinic
  • Integrated Laboratory(CPOE)
  • MRD and Patient History
  • Extensive Billing and Pharmacy
  • Mobile Application
  • Voice-To-Text
  • MIS
  • Operation Theatre Module

Patientine Lite

Simple features that would fit for Single Practitioner, Poly Clinics and Day Care.

  • Easy Registration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Token Generation
  • Encounter
  • Immunization Report
  • Integrated Laboratory
  • OP Billing
  • Day Care Billing
  • Monthly Collection Reports

Patientine Smile

Stand alone light weight application for dentistry.

  • Easy Registration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Token Generation
  • Treatment Reference using Anatomy
  • Toothwise Treatment History
  • Effecient Billing
  • Monthly Collection Reports


Benefits provided by patientine to every role who uses the application.

Patientine brings so many benefits to Hospital/Clinics where higher level of effeciency and interoperability is achieved which will increase profitability by bringing in new patients.

Revenue Cycle Management

Patientine's streamlined process would help in gathering patient billing information,insurance eligibility statuses and provide accurate info on collecting out-of-pocket and outstanding balances. patientine helps biller to track claims with real-time alerts and enhanced reporting to prevent denials.

Smart Charting(CPOE)

Patientine provides very intutive way to record patient's diagnosis details. Auto-suggestion, prediction, drag & drop options and Voice-to-Text makes doctor's charting work to be easier.

Simplified Workflow

Right from patient entering the hospital, seemless workflow brings in interoperability in registration, encounters, billing, laboratory and pharmacy in case of out patients and can easily converting to Inpatient, Emergency care or checkout. Application flow design is done considering all possible scenarios where integrity has to be maintained.

Enhanced design to improve productivity

Patientine gives the clear insight on revenue, patient flow, operational flow and helps with reports for assessing past data and plan for future enhancements.

Approximately about 34% of revenue is lost for the management without any knowledge due to errorness calculations and un-tracked revenue leakage. Patientine tries to solve the problem by bringing in extensive tracking on each income and expenditure.

Mobile App - Alerts, notifications and Remainders

Mobile App provides sophisticated features like remainders on appointments and notifications on lab results which would help patient in getting valid info.

Secure Health records

Patient can use patientine app to access their medical records, test results and prescriptions at anytime. Where all the records stored are encrypted and accessed only on secured channel.

Easy access to Physician through E-clinic

On providing better care using analysing histories and discussions between experts would bring in better care where patient would get higher success rate in treatment. Doctor's availability by E-clinic, Chat Application medium would build relationship with doctor thereby increasing higher patient flow to hospital.

E-Payment options

Integrated E-Payment options provide secure payment of bills and E-Clinic consultation charges which would be useful in recieving payments on time.