Nowadsys healthcare is moving from hospital centric approach to speciality or treatment centric approach. Finding a right doctor for specific issues helps patients avail right treatment to a disease.

People search for experts in specific disease for consultation where today’s patients are more empowered to make decisions about their health than ever before. No longer are they beholden to the nearest local practice or hospital.

Even referrals can be thoroughly researched online before a patient ever agrees to an appointment.

Doctor Finder
  • Doctor finder helps you with finding right doctor and speciality hospital near you based on the speciality we require.

  • It helps providing doctor's information, fees, availability and much more. These increase doctor's online presence and access to patients.

"No annoying queues and thief of time. Patientine's Doc Peek is very useful in cases when you need to get instant consultation and support."

Interact with doctor
  • 24/7 Online consulting via video, chat, or audio.

  • In-app notifications both for the doctor and the patient about the upcoming appointments. Also, when the doctor gives an electronic prescription, user may set notifications for the time.

Post a query
  • Posting a query and get it answered by experts, these would help to get overall idea on what the problem might be and the possible solutions.

  • Expertise opinion would help patients to get rid of unnecessary misleads and help them to get right treatment, this would inturn increase reputation of hospital and increase reliablity among patients.