Specifically in healthcare industry customer satisfaction is very much important where CRM comes into picture.

Healthcare providers adapt to modern customer retention practices that would help them retain their clients over periord of time.

Segmenting Patients
  • Group your patients by gender, age, treatments, etc., these categorization would help us to send specialized messages to specific group.

  • Schedule notifications for medicine alerts, camps, check-up etc to customers which will increase the satisfaction on care.

"CRM is more than technology. When implemented successfully, CRM helps you build better customer relationships, increase business revenue and create a superior customer experience."

Post Discharge support
  • Support people to establish/re-establish themselves in the community, including assisting to access the community supports they need to maximise recovery and resilience.

  • Consider the holistic needs of patients, families and carers.

  • Develop partnerships with relevant health and community services to support patients with their recovery.

Social media Integration
  • Our Social media integrated CRM provides options for the health care provider to post their feeds or content directly from Patientine.