Analytics and healthcare servers hand-in-hand to achieve higher effeciency such that reasons for error can be totally avoided. Predictions has to be made based on previous data such that necesary measures are taken to avoid vulnerabilites.

One classic problem that any shift manager faces: how many people do I put on staff at any given time period? If you put on too many workers, you run the risk of having unnecessary labor costs add up. Too few workers, you can have poor customer service outcomes – which can be fatal for patients in that industry.

Strategic Locality based Planning
  • Care mangers can analyze check-up results among people in different demographic groups and identify what factors discourage people from taking up treatment.

  • Based on the reports provided by patientine, hospital can predict disease analysis and intimate people of specific region or demographic to make precautions from seasonal or contagious diseases.

"Financial Analytics would address the basic measurement needs of the finance department in health cost and expense."

Forestalling Appointment Skips
  • Predictive analysis successfully anticipates ‘no-shows’ when it comes to patients and this helps prioritise giving appointments to other patients.

  • Patientine provides enough data to reveal individuals who are most likely to skip their appointments.

Strengthen Patient Engagement and Satisfaction
  • Healthcare centers providing information on treatments available and costing to patients which can avoid long-term high-cost diseases.

  • Here, predictive analyses help in anticipating segment of patients based on deparments by analysing past behavioural patterns.