Health Information Systems

Patientine's robust Health Information systems covers several scenarios to facilitate easy operations from the time patient check-in till they leave. It focuses on cost control and revenue areas to reduce personal expenses that improve quality of patient care.

Healthcare - Customer Relationship Management

Benefits of Healthcare CRM - Patient Outreach, Segmenting Patients, Feed backs and Reviews makes effective care even after checkout. It acts as a medium between patients and practitioners and helps in the improvement of patient retainment and relationship to the hospital.


Today’s patients are more empowered to make decisions about their healthcare than ever before. No longer are they beholden to the nearest local practice or hospital. Even referrals can be thoroughly researched online before a patient ever agrees to an appointment. Help your patients connect to you virtually through app and to get diagnosis followed by an instant care

Lab Information Systems

For any hospital lab flow from ordering till report delivery would involve several operatins that has to be done precisely. Our Laboratory solutions provide options to track specimen collection, Turn-around-time with DICOM Compatiblity.

Pharmacy Information Systems

Patientine's pharmacy information system gets NABH standard E-Prescription from our HIS. Features like Indents, Issue and templates helps in handling operations easily, handling return of expiry medicines reduces loss and provides an insight for ordering to vendors.


Our Healthcare analytics helps in disease pattern prediction to initiate preventive management. It works towards preventing spread of crisis and reduce morality rate. Care Co-ordination would be really helpful for alerting caregiver for readmission of patientint in case of emergency.

Why Patientine ?

Avoids Revenue leakage

Patientine tightens the flow that would track revenue related items frequently which avoids leakage saving potential amount of costs.

Labor Savings

Using automation to replace manually intensive tasks that are better done by machine can be a big time saver. It doesn’t have to eliminate employees, but rather elevate them into higher-functioning roles that make use of the clinical expertise they have been trained for.

Integrated Solutions

Patientine serves your healthcare enterprise with integrated ERP systems that would make overall operations to be systematic removing all manual intervention.

Patientine's Solutions fit practices of any size Single practitioner, Poly-Clinics to Multi Speciality Hospital.

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